Friday, November 19, 2010

Have we always had the fountain of youth?

For centuries we have been on the search for the fountain of youth. We each have our vision of what this magical fountain is. My thoughts take me to a beautiful oasis in the middle of paradise where water laced with gold flows from a larger than life fountain. It is this water that washes away the years of wear and tear. Ok, back to reality. Why is it that some people age extremely well, while others seem have the telltale signs of each year lived? We do have look at genetics when answering this question, but some, including myself, believe they only play a small role. I think we need to stop our search for the fountain of youth and realize it is right in front of us. It is at the grocery store, at fresh food stands and any other place we find healthy food. There is reason for the saying, “you are what you eat.” The better we eat the healthier we are, the healthier we are the better we look. Here is a great article, “Eat your way to better skin with 7 surprising antiaging foods” by Susan Cernak and Lindsey Unterberger. As you begin your quest for beautiful skin through healthy eating, remember Rome was not built in one day. Add in one nutritious food at a time. Get used to having this on a regular basis before adding in another. As your diet evolves so will your skin!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Perfect Hair Cut for Your Face Shape

Most of us have no idea what the right cut for our facial shape is. We found this great article, "The Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape". Armed with this article and a great stylist you can achieve a great hairstyle that will compliment your face! Read this article and learn what cut suits your face!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Salon 109

Kim, Salon 109's massage therapist presents her top 5 Features and Benefits of Massage. There are numerous health benefits of having a massage. Kim will review her top 5. over the next week. # 1 F & B of Massage – Alleviates Stress. Who can't use a little stress relief? One hour of massage can reduce stress leaving you feeling recharged! Visit and search Salon 109.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Salon and Spa = Salon Savings / Salon Specials / Salon Coupons

Whether you call it a salon promotion , a salon savings, a salon special or a salon coupon it adds up to the same thing – Great Salon Savings! Welcome to Salon and Spa we take the fear out of trying new salons. How, by offering you 40% – 50% off. We know trying high end salons and spas with high salon and spa prices is scary, we offer you great salon and spa savings. We have two great products Savings Cards and Gift Certificates for Less. Our products are not traditional hair salon and spa coupons, but actually save you more than most of those salon and spa coupons. Each Product saves you a significant percentage off hair salon and spa prices.

A Savings Card is an entire card filled with 50% savings. It saves you 50% off an entire menu of services at an area salon, the card costs $25.00 but saves you hundreds making it well worth it! The Salon Savings Card is great for anyone looking for a new salon or spa for all their beauty needs.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Holiday's Are Coming....Get Ready now!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making Retro fresh for fall 2010! Check out these styles!

The new and HOT hair trend this fall is actually Retro! Take a look at these hot retro styles that are rocking the runway and learn how to create these HOT styles yourself!

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Happy Hair Styling!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 Surprising Ways You're Ruining Your Skin

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Have You Heard?

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Jeanine - Colonie, NY

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LiAnna - Albany, NY

"What a great way to treat yourself! With my Savings Card, I was able to sample several different salon services at a tremendous savings. A great gift idea!
Linda - Colonie, NY

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Common Beauty Questions

At Salon and Spa, we love interaction with our readers! We recently got some wonderful questions sent to us by you, our readers and wanted to take the opportunity to share them with you, as well as the answers.

Dear Salon and Spa:
I have dark patches on my elbows and have tried everything to get rid of them! Is there a beauty trick that I have not tried yet? Please help!
Elbow challenged-Tampa

Dear Elbow Challenged: First, let us say that this is common issue that many women deal with and we know it can be very frustrating! We suggest you try this trick...Cut a lemon in half, sprinkle it with sugar and then rub on the dark areas to bleach and exfoliate.

We hope this is a helpful trick for you and wish you good luck!
Salon and Spa Promotions

Dear Salon and Spa:
I am cursed with thin lashes! In this age of try this cream and that lotion, it gets confusing for a girl, lol! I am not one to go in for the "chemical" solution either.....Is there something that I can try first before turning to the add hype?
Seeking Lash Help-Portland

Dear Seeking Lash Help-
In this day and age, we know it is easy to fall into the "try this cream" cycle. But rest assured, here is a trick you can try without reaching for the closest chemical solution! Apply evenly one coat of mascara. Then layer on a coat of primer before putting on one more coat of mascara. This will thicken up your lashes and give you that Dream Lash effect!

We hope you find this beauty trick helpful and wish you luck with your lashes!
Salon and Spa Promotions

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kefir: The Fountain of Youth?

For many people, Kefir is a new word in their vocabulary, but I don’t think it will take very long for it to become a household name. Research shows that the benefit of this grain continues to grow and with little ill side effects in site. So how can this grain that is century years old possibly help you?

Let’s start with the skinny on this product… Kefir is a fermented drink that has been consumed for thousands of years. It originated in the Caucasus Mountains where the drink was fermented in animal hide. Don’t be scared! It is no longer made quite like that. It can be found in a few forms such as a milk beverage or as yogurt. It can also be added to soups, sauces or cakes. Most health food stores in your area now carry it.

Why this product? Well like I mentioned before the alleged health benefits to adding kefir to your daily routine. The Crohn’s and Colitis foundation of America supports continuing research on the supplemental effects it has on the downfalls of Crohns and colitis disease. Other research shows that Kefir contributes to a healthy Immune system and has been used to help patients suffering from AIDS, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, and cancer. It also has a calming effect on the nervous system and this has benefited those who have sleeping disorders, restless leg syndrome, depression and ADHD. Incorporating this product can help relieve intestinal disorders, promote bowel movements, and creates a healthier digestive system. In addition, it has a cleansing effect on the whole body with helps establish a balanced inner ecosystem for optimum health and longevity.

So mix Kefir in with the daily routine and you may just have found the fountain of youth. And to keep your look in tip top shape, visit Salon and Spa Promotions today! Salon and Spa Promotions....the finest salons in the Capital District and promotional prices!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thoughts on HBS!

Did you watch last night? SAS wants to hear your thoughts on the show! Who will you root for? What's your favorite style? Let's dish!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Looking for a New Salon?

Looking for a new Salon to meet all your beauty needs? Want to try something new? Wishing for some "Spice" in your style? Well, Salon and Spa Promotions has just the thing for you! Stop by and pick up one of our Savings Cards today! Our Savings Card allows you to try out services of a Salon that are new to you for....(wait for it)....50% off! That's right, 50% off! So what are you waiting for? Try us out today at

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Try These Timeless Hair Styles!

Timeless Hair Styles

Here are some hair styles that are as trendy as the day they hit the streets. With a little modernization, you can not go wrong with these five simple styles.

The Pixie
: This short cropped style was coined by Twiggy in the 70s. And today is still sported on the runway. Its simple yet cute, and can be dressed up easily.

......Hallie Berry .................Twiggy

The Bob
: This style is great for all types of hair from curly to straight. it’s a classy style that has been made timeless its simplicity and edge.

Jennifer........................Greta Garbo

The Flip
: This unchanged style has made survived through the 60s and 70s and is still making its way to the everyday women. This timeless trend screams power in the work place and respect in the social world.

...Mary Tyler Moore ..........Oprah

The Shag: This trendy style has made an easy wind-blown style, the look of the century! This trend has made a ball gown very glam and jeans look dressy.

.......Jodi Foster........................ Kim Novack

The Pony Tail: The pony tail has been a staple for all ages. it’s the master of bad hair days and the best up-do for an event. This timeless hairstyle will never run its coarse.

Jennifer Aniston. Audrey Hepburn

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Super Foods

I think we all strive to live a healthier life. When I find information useful about the power of foods, I like to share. Each season I will review one super food, give you features of the food and how much you should be eating. My hopes are that by reviewing only one food at a time, including it into your diet will be easy. If at any time you would like more information or where I get my information please contact me at

Small as they may be the blueberry packs more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable!! Some people are calling these wonders brain food or youth food. One serving of blueberries has more antioxidants than 5 servings of apples, broccoli, carrots or squash. In fact 2/3 of a cup of these nutritional giants pack more protection than 1700 IU od vitamin E which is more protection than 1200 Milligrams of Vitamin C. WOW!

The health and anti-aging benefits are so great it would be silly to not include these berries in our everyday life. Lets review some:

  • Lower risk for Cardiovascular disease
  • Likely to protect from Cancer
  • Helps keep skin looking young and reduces sagging that age so generously give us

Studies have shown that those who ate 1 cup of blueberries a day had increased levels of antioxidants in their blood which is important to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, senility, caner and degenerative eye diseases. We have only begun to see the power of eating right, but so far we know eating 1 cup of blueberries a day is a step in the right direction. Who doesn't love blueberries!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Q&A With Salon and Spa

It's Q&A time with Salon and Spa. We received the following question from a longtime reader,

Dear Salon and Spa:
Why does my makeup ware off by noon? I have tried everything and nothing is working. Help!
Cindy-Denver, Co

Dear Cindy:
Thank you for your question. This particular issue is one the many women struggle with. The #1 rule for makeup application is cream on cream, powder on powder. Now, what does this mean? Well, most people do not realize that makeup must have a base to grab on to. If you are using a powder shadow or blush and do not have a powder base, it will be off by noon. This is because the oils in your skin or the moisture in your foundation will soak up the powder products. So before you use your powder colors, set your face with a powder of choice.

On the Opposite end of the spectrum, if you are using cream colors, you must have a cream base to work on or they will become streaky and uneven. Always remember you Base must be the Same as your products, then you will have makeup that will last all day!

Thanks so much for your question Cindy! Good luck in all your makeup endeavors!
Salon and Spa Promotions

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Friday, July 16, 2010

5 Great Hairstyles to Beat Summer Heat

The July issue of Oprah has a great article called Up, Up & Away, Beat – The – Heat Summer Hair. Check out the article for 5 beautiful hair styles.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Hair Heat Tip

Summer hair heat tip: Remember to protect your hair and your color while in the sun with either a hat or a hair product like Redken Color Extend Sun Solar Screen SPF12. It's suitable for both natural and treated haircolor!

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Features and Benefits of Facials

Traditionally regarded as a “beauty” only service, facials are quickly becoming a regular part of maintaining healthy skin.

As the largest organ of the body, the skin’s job is to protect the body from foreign objects, to release toxins and to absorb valuable oxygen and moisture. Regular professional facials along with a healthy diet will have your skin looking terrific and functioning at peak performance.

Professional facials are deep skin treatments that achieve more than any at home regimen can.

Professional facials will do the following:

deeply cleanse



minimize blemishes

reduce acne

regulate the immune system / reduce fluid buildup. – Facials aid in blood circulation which assists lymphatic drainage.

detoxify and exfoliate the skin. – The outer layer of skin is made up of dead skin cells and pollutants. Removing this layer allows the skin to absorb moisture for a healthy glow.

relieve stress/ lessen the appearance of wrinkles - The facial massage relaxes facial muscles

keeping wrinkles at bay.

There are many types of facials to suit skin needs. Consult with your skin care specialist for the best facial for you.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Features and Benefits of Massage

Massage has been around since the Ancient Greek and Roman times. Massage has the power to not only heal, but the power to prevent many common ailments. Traditionally thought of as a luxury, massage is now considered a necessary part of maintaining a healthy body.

The following features and benefits of massage will have you realizing it’s time to make massage part of your life.

Massage has been around since the Ancient Greek and Roman times. Massage has the power to not only heal, but the power to prevent many common ailments. Traditionally thought of as a luxury, massage is now considered a necessary part of maintaining a healthy body.

The following features and benefits of massage will have you realizing it’s time to make massage part of your life.

Alleviates Stress *

Alleviates pain and improve range of motion

Eases medication dependency

Enhances immunity – stimulates the Lymph flow which is the body’s defense system

Assists with weak muscles

Helps prepare the body for and recover from heavy workouts

Improves skin

Increases joint flexibility

Improves circulation by pumping oxygen and nutrients into tissues and other vital organs

Releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers

Relieves migraine pain

Reduces premenstrual symptoms

* It may be unrealistic to eliminate all stress, but with experts estimating that 85 – 90% of disease is stress related, kicking stress to the curb is a worthwhile goal. Also, nothing ages us internally and externally as much as high stress. Reducing stress will lead to:

Decreased anxiety

Better concentration

Increased circulation

Reduced fatigue

Better sleep

More energy

Massage has also been known to have positive results for the following:

Arthritis suffers

Burn victims

High blood pressure patients

Asthmatic children

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