Friday, July 2, 2010

Features and Benefits of Facials

Traditionally regarded as a “beauty” only service, facials are quickly becoming a regular part of maintaining healthy skin.

As the largest organ of the body, the skin’s job is to protect the body from foreign objects, to release toxins and to absorb valuable oxygen and moisture. Regular professional facials along with a healthy diet will have your skin looking terrific and functioning at peak performance.

Professional facials are deep skin treatments that achieve more than any at home regimen can.

Professional facials will do the following:

deeply cleanse



minimize blemishes

reduce acne

regulate the immune system / reduce fluid buildup. – Facials aid in blood circulation which assists lymphatic drainage.

detoxify and exfoliate the skin. – The outer layer of skin is made up of dead skin cells and pollutants. Removing this layer allows the skin to absorb moisture for a healthy glow.

relieve stress/ lessen the appearance of wrinkles - The facial massage relaxes facial muscles

keeping wrinkles at bay.

There are many types of facials to suit skin needs. Consult with your skin care specialist for the best facial for you.

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