Thursday, August 26, 2010

Common Beauty Questions

At Salon and Spa, we love interaction with our readers! We recently got some wonderful questions sent to us by you, our readers and wanted to take the opportunity to share them with you, as well as the answers.

Dear Salon and Spa:
I have dark patches on my elbows and have tried everything to get rid of them! Is there a beauty trick that I have not tried yet? Please help!
Elbow challenged-Tampa

Dear Elbow Challenged: First, let us say that this is common issue that many women deal with and we know it can be very frustrating! We suggest you try this trick...Cut a lemon in half, sprinkle it with sugar and then rub on the dark areas to bleach and exfoliate.

We hope this is a helpful trick for you and wish you good luck!
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Dear Salon and Spa:
I am cursed with thin lashes! In this age of try this cream and that lotion, it gets confusing for a girl, lol! I am not one to go in for the "chemical" solution either.....Is there something that I can try first before turning to the add hype?
Seeking Lash Help-Portland

Dear Seeking Lash Help-
In this day and age, we know it is easy to fall into the "try this cream" cycle. But rest assured, here is a trick you can try without reaching for the closest chemical solution! Apply evenly one coat of mascara. Then layer on a coat of primer before putting on one more coat of mascara. This will thicken up your lashes and give you that Dream Lash effect!

We hope you find this beauty trick helpful and wish you luck with your lashes!
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