Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fun Facts-Fall/Winter

Commonly Asked Beauty Questions

What is an antioxidant and why will it help my skin?

An antioxidant is a nutrient that stops the harmful effects of free radicals. When an antioxidant and free radical come in to contact the free radical is stopped dead in its tracks and cannot cause further damage. This helps your skin as free radicals if left to cause damage age the skin.

Why does my makeup ware off by noon???

The # 1 rule of make up application is cream on cream , powder on powder.
Most people do not realize that makeup must have a base to grab on to. If you are using a powder shadow or blush and do not have a powder base, it will be off by noon. This is because the oils in your skin e or the moisture in you foundation will soak up the powder products. So before you use your powder colors set your face with a powder of choice. Oppositely if you are using cream colors you must have a cream base to work on or they will become streaky and uneven. Always remember your base must be the same as your products then you will have makeup that lasts all day.

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