Friday, August 7, 2009

You need to grow your business and knows how to make it happen!


You need to grow your business and knows how to make it happen.

With you can discover what the most successful salons and spas already know – the best way to increase your bottom line is promotion, promotion, promotion.

Here are some of the most effective promotional strategies used by highly successful businesses:

1. Promotional Pricing
2. Referral Programs
3. Reward Programs

1. Promotional Pricing

New salon owners are often surprised to learn that their biggest competitors – even large, upscale salons – consistently offer special pricing to entice new clients. The most successful businesses know once a client is sold on services, they will return again and again – at full price. But, first, you must get them in the door! provides a special pricing tool that drives business to you – our 50% off Savings Card. The Savings Card offers an entire menu of services at 50% off to first-time clients.

Use the Savings Card to expand business with existing clients too. For all those clients who come to you for just one or two services, now is the time to promote your business by introducing them to additional services with the Savings Card.

Both you and your clients win: you increase your business; clients save as they try services new to them.

Fact You Need to Know: 61% of potential clients try a new business on promotional pricing only.(ref. A.C. Neilson)

2. Referral Programs

Word of mouth is the best source of business, so don’t be shy, ask your clients to spread the word. You know they like your services and a satisfied customer is a great testimonial. Remember, too, most people like to be helpful but may not think to tell others about you. They just need a little nudge. Ask! They’ll be happy to tell their family and friends about you.

When a client does send business your way, be sure to say “Thank you,” for the referral. helps you create effective referral programs that show your appreciation.

Fact You Need to Know: Word of mouth accounts for 65% of all new business. (ref. A.C. Neilson)

3. Reward Programs

A good reward program increases business. Reward programs fosters client loyalty, encourage clients to try new products or services, and say, “Thanks for your business.” Today’s economy is scary and competition is fierce. That makes it more important than ever to show your clients that you are grateful they chose you. creates reward programs that give clients added value and we tailor reward programs to your marketing needs.


Watch for a future blog on self promotion:
“Self-Promotion – The Best Promotional Tool is You”

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