Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Faq Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I purchase a Passport can I use it at any of your member salons and spas?

A. Each Passport is your ticket to great savings for a variety of services at one specific member salon or spa. You may use a Passport only at the location specified on the Passport.

Q. If I have used a Passport at one of your member salons or spas does that mean I can never use a Passport at any other of your member salons or spas?

A. You may purchase a Passport to each of our member salons and spas. However, you may use only one (1) Passport per location.

Q. Do I have to use all the Passport services on the same day?

A. You may use one or more services per scheduled appointment. Member salons and spas may limit the number of services you can schedule on the same day. Please check the details on the back of your Passport.
Note: You have 12 months from the date of the Passport to receive the Passport services.

Q. Can I purchase a Salon and Spa Passport for a friend?

A. Of course you can. Or, you may wish to purchase a Passport Gift Certificate and let your friend select the salon or spa of his or her choice.

Q. Can I use a Salon and Spa Passport Gift Certificate to purchase services or products at member salons and spas?

A. Passport Gift Certificates can be redeemed for Passports only. Passport Gift Certificates may not be used to purchase services or products at member salons and spas.

Q. How has Salon and Spa selected its member salons and spas?

A. Salon and Spa uses the highest standards to guide our member selection process. As stated in our Mission “...we include only salons and spas that demonstrate high standards of excellence and provide the finest professional services. All our member salons and spas offer attentive client care, inviting interiors and premium products.”

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